“The World in 2030″ by Dr. Michio Kaku


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* “The World in 2030″ by Dr. Michio Kaku
* It Only Takes a Girl
* Vegetarian & Vegan Diet Pyramid
* Tackling diabetes with a bold new dietary approach: Neal Barnard at TEDxF
* Video: Jill Bolte Taylor’s stroke of insight
* Oscar Pistorius Makes It Into 2012 Olympics 400m Semifinals
* Human Microbiome Project: 10,000 Species Of Microbes In And On Our Bodies
* The Greatest Speech Ever Made
* Arithmetic, Population, and Energy by Professor Albert Bartlett
* USA: Steve Jobs Commencement Speech at Stanford University 2005 (乔布斯在斯坦福大学毕业典礼上的演讲)
* USA: A Natural Approach to Cancer Prevention
* Inspirational Video from Japan
* What is Happiness?

A soda a day increases cancer risk

It’s no secret that soda consumption is directly linked to obesity, but could a can a day also be linked to cancer? According to a Swedish study published in the American Journal of Clinical Nutrition, a man’s risk of developing prostrate cancer is increased by 40% by drinking a single can of soda each day.
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I previously discussed the power of fruits and vegetables to help prevent and treat asthma and allergies. If adding a few more servings of fruits and vegetables may help asthma, what about a diet centered on plants? Twenty patients with allergic eczema were placed on a vegetarian diet. At the end of two months, their disease scores, which covered both subjective and objective signs and symptoms, were cut in half, similar to what we might see using one of our most powerful drugs. The drug works much quicker, within about two weeks, but since drugs can often include dangerous side effects the dietary option is more attractive. This was no ordinary vegetarian diet, however. This was an in-patient study using an extremely calorically-restricted diet—the subjects were practically half fasting. Therefore, we don’t know which component was responsible for the therapeutic effect.
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Humor – different names for money

Money has different names!!!
> In temple or church, it’s called donation.
> In school, it’s fee.
> In marriage, it’s called dowry.
> In divorce, alimony.
> When you owe someone, it’s debt.
> When you pay the government, it’s tax.
> In court, it’s fines.
> Civil servant retirees, it’s pension.
> Employer to workers, it’s salary.
> Master to subordinates, it’s wages.
> To children, it’s allowance.
> When you borrow from bank, it’s loan.
> When you offer after a good service. it’s tips.
> To kidnappers, it’s ramson.
> Illegally received in the name of service, it’s bribe.
> The question is, “when a husband gives to his wife,what
> do we call it???”
> Money given to your wife is called DUTY, and every man has
> to do his duty because wives are not DUTY FREE. Read more...

UNSW researchers set world record in solar energy efficiency

The University of NSW have produced a PV system that converts over 40 percent of sunlight into electricity, the highest conversion efficiency ever reported (Photo: UNSW) Read more...

Prrvenying asthma with fruits and vegetables

n my video Preventing Asthma With Fruits and Vegetables, I highlighted an international study of asthma and allergies involving more than a million kids. The study found a consistent inverse relationship between prevalence rates of asthma, allergies, and eczema and the intake of plants, starch, grains, and vegetables. Researchers speculated “over a decade ago that if these findings could be generalized, and if the average daily consumption of these foods increased, an important decrease in symptom prevalence could be achieved.” No need to speculate any more, though, because plants were finally put to the test.
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Pesticides and cancer

The International Journal of Environmental Research and Public Health found a link between some pesticides and a significantly increased risk of non-Hodgkin’s lymphoma—a type of cancer of the lymphatic system. In this type of cancer, tumors of the lymph nodes or within the lymph system can form. According to the review of 44 studies, 80 active ingredients in 21 classes of chemicals, researchers found that exposure to glyphosate the main ingredient in Roundup doubles the risk of this deadly cancer. Read more...

7 cancers signs you are probably ignoring

That nagging cough you just can’t shake; that small sore that just won’t heal; that new mole that looks a bit strange—these issues may seem too trivial to bother your doctor about. Read more...

15 Best & Worst Foods to Eat When You’re Sick | Care2 Healthy Living

Being sick is never fun. While reducing stress and getting plenty of sleep can help you get through a nasty bout of seasonal sickness, food can play an important role, too. Of course, some foods are better than others. Here are some of the best and worst foods you can eat when you’re feeling under the weather. Read more...

Anti-cancer food

If you’re worried about cancer you don’t need to stand idly by with fingers crossed that it won’t strike you. There are many natural proven ways to help prevent cancer. Here are 8: Read more...

6 superfood for thanksgiving

Who doesn’t love Thanksgiving dinner? When that dinner emphasizes lots of seasonal fruits and vegetables it also offers many health benefits too. Here are my six picks for sensational, health-boosting Thanksgiving superfoods: Read more...

India Eyes 100 GW Solar Power Capacity By 2022

While we have reported recently that India has hiked its solar power capacity target by five times and seeks to install 100 GW capacity by 2022, we’ll now consider some of the aspects of this enormous target. Read more...

Drugging our kids: The Big Pharma alliance

Drugging our kids: The Big Pharma alliance
By Karen de Sá, Copyright 2014, Bay Area News Group Read more...


A growing number of couples struggle to conceive children. According to research by the Centers for Disease Prevention and Control (CD), approximately six percent of women in the US are now infertile. But women are not the only ones suffering from infertility; the American Society for Reproductive Medicine states that in approximately 40 percent of infertile couples, the male partner is either the sole cause or a contributing cause of infertility.
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What if we all become vegetarian?

We don’t need to all dive head-first into a raw vegan diet. However, posing this question helps us determine the mathematical impact red meat, poultry and cheese–yes, even cheese–have on our planet. Cutting back meat intake isn’t just a viewpoint your vegan cousin touts every Thanksgiving. Start with Meatless Mondayto advocate for a planet with cleaner air and water. Read more...

Organic food more nutritious?

On the heels of media reports declaring that organic food is no more nutritious than conventional produce grown with pesticides, a larger, comprehensive study declares otherwise. Read more...

Natural ways to combat insomnia

To get a good night’s sleep, many people will do almost anything, with the default option for millions being sleeping pills. Trouble is, there’s mounting evidence of dangers that may be far worse than anyone could have imagined. While I’ve always advised my patients to avoid drugs to induce sleep, the message needs to get out to a wider audience, which is why I encourage everyone who cares about their health to spread the word about the potentially devastating effects sleeping pills can have on both short and long-term health. Here’s why quitting – very slowly, over time, and under your doctor’s supervision to minimize withdrawal symptoms – is so important. In short, it’s all about risk: Read more...

10 food to improve immune system

My family is getting over our first colds of the fall, so cold and flu season really feels like it’s in effect now. Help build your body’s immunity to prevent cold and flu with these foods. Read more...

12 additives to avoid

Food should be good for you. But some isn’t. More than 10,000 additives are allowed in food. Some are direct additives that are deliberately formulated into processed food. Others are indirect additives that get into food during processing, storage and packaging. How do you know which ones to avoid because they raise concerns and have been linked to serious health problems, including endocrine disruption and cancer? Read more...

12 benefits of walking

You don’t need to train for a marathon, spend hours on an elliptical, or turn your guest room into a gym to get fitter, healthier, and happier. Keep reading to find out how a brisk walk can make major improvements to your physically and mental health. Read more...

12 benefits of walking

You don’t need to train for a marathon, spend hours on an elliptical, or turn your guest room into a gym to get fitter, healthier, and happier. Keep reading to find out how a brisk walk can make major improvements to your physically and mental health. Read more...